Ambassador Program

Do you want to be an ambassador of our brand, customICE Zürich? To grow our brand, we offer you free jewellery in return for a mention of your choice. 


  1. Create a user account and add your address
  2. Follow us on Instagram and like a post
  3. Contact us over Instagram direct messages, the contact form or the live chat
  4. Get your free jewellery from us depending on your Influence Level

Influence Levels

  • Level 0: (< 5000 Follower) Get a 40% discount code from us for every piece
  • Level 1: (> 5000 Follower) Choose from a small selection of our jewellery
  • Level 2: (> 50'000 Follower) Choose from a wide selection of our jewellery
  • Level 3: (> 100'000 Follower) Choose from everything we sell 


By accepting this offer from customICE Zürich, you agree to promote our brand by some form of your choice. The social media account which made you eligible for this offer must necessarily also be the one where you promote our brand. The post on this account in whatever form it is has to be online a minimum time of 24 hours. customICE Zürich can reject any request for this offer without any reason. You also agree to all Terms and Conditions, Warranty and Returns, Shipping and Privacy Policy.